Launch Issues

Thanks for your interest in the game, everyone!

There was a major bug in the game that was released; this has now been fixed, so please download the new version!

We're very sorry about this issue, and hope it doesn't adversely affect your enjoyment of the game.


JoestarStruck (PC) 146 MB
May 01, 2019
JoestarStruck (Mac) 131 MB
May 01, 2019

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I only have the Version 1.1 no matter how many times I download it. 

can't download it :((

I really want to play on chromebook.

Deleted 65 days ago

So i really want this game but when i download it the download starts but i cant open the file since theres a virus idk if thats the problem or its the laptop :


I have a mac book pro and it downloaded but it won't let me open the app and says user not found what can i do... pls help!!!


it keeps saying that something is not letting it open. everything is downloaded but it says it "could not execute. (long strain of files ending in JoestarStruck.exe) is it missing?"

it now says that something called SDL2.dll isn't found.


Will the game work if I have a chromebook? ^^"

Hey i have a question. When i downloaded the game i was told i need a program called "winzip" and in order to use the program i must pay. Is it normal for this to be needed.


Ive downloaded the game multiple times now but I cant seem to get how to actually play the game, any suggestions?