A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Welcome to Gyuuniku Academy! As the story often goes, you’re the new kid on the block and are nervous for your first day--luckily the school has a cast of colorful characters to help guide you through the school year! Who will you choose?

Experience all of your favorite otome tropes, but with a Joestar twist!


JoestarStruck (PC) 144 MB
JoestarStruck (Mac) 129 MB

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I am currently shitting tears I cannot take this game seriously anymore



OMG I love this game and I’ve even got my own Reddit community now https://www.reddit.com/r/joestarstruck/

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If I don't find a walkthrough, I am going to cry.

But ngl, this game is freaking great XD Had a blast.

Edit: Have completed Jotaro's good end. ON TO THE NEXT BOIS!



I’ve played for over 7 hours. i love the game but that’s not why, lol. I just like to fully complete stuff. I haven’t unlocked Jonathan’s last picture or Joseph’s second scene (not even half). I’ve kissed Josuke and Joseph but I still don’t have either kiss scenes unlocked (???), and I keep running into a bug where I’ll agree with Joseph (when we bury Caesar) but it gives me the same dialogue as if I’m agreeing with Caesar, and nothing I try will give me the real dialogue. Is there any way to fix this? But everything else is pretty much solid or minor, and I love the music. Plus, if I’m able to play it for 7 hours straight, then it must be pretty entertaining 10/10


I decided to go with Jotaro route and promptly named my character Kakyoin. Then I met the in-game Kakyoin and it looked like the poor dude was just having a mental breakdown talking to himself.

Loved it. Best game I've ever played.


I even got my own Reddit community and feel free to post some screenshots from the Joestar ☆ Struck game https://www.reddit.com/r/JoestarStruck/


if you ever plan on updating it or something. Might I suggest making it possible to date side characters such as: Caesar, Kakyoin, Jolyne, Dio and Kira? I’d really really appreciate that! ♡


right and date new characters like: Johnny Joestar, Gyro, Giorno, Bruno and his gang.




the soundtrack is so nice, i run the game as i work and would love if yall uploaded it to spotify!!


criminal that i cannot date jolyne 




is there anyway to access the files for the songs jsldfsdfs because theyre so good and the only one on youtube is josuke's theme :(


can I download this on iPhone?

Can the creators pleaseeeee make a Chromebook version of this game:(

I need help to get the missing images :(

I am missing one of Jonathan, the kiss with Joseph, the kiss with Josuke and the last image of Jotaro.


Hi, just letting the creator know that on Josuke's route, I went from a scene where we're in the classroom cleaning up books (he tells me I can go home, so I choose to go) straight to a scene where I'm in his room studying and calling him boring for some reason and saying something about a beach. I just have no idea what could've happened in the gap between those two scenes, but I'm guessing I just missed certain chances to build a relationship with him, so it just took me straight to the bad end maybe. Anyway, just putting it out there so people know.


If someone needs a Guide for some routes I made a site! :)





I hope it helps :)


Thank you so much for that :D


You´re welcome :)

please keep this up for the rest of time

I will!

thank you!


I really hope that it helps

It legit has, thank you again.

I hope your phone charger works on all angles :'D


Haha thanks :)


god im such a simp for jjba


It took me a while to figure it out, but I finally can play it. I'm such jjba trash, can you blame me ;,)


Yare yare daze


I give up!! ive tried jetting jonathans good ending about eight times, Im following the comments for help but I always get out of sync!!!


Same!!! hhh i got other good endings easily but I couldn't get Jonathan's :(( I guess his heart is only for Erina<//3

HELP!!!! i unzipped the files and i have the joestarstruck.exe application, but when i try to open it or run it is says something is missing. Can anyone please help me 

Can anyone tell me how to play this on a chromebook? It says that I need to select an app in order to open the file but it says that no results are found. :(


jotaro looks ghostly

The game is lovely! all the artwork and scenes are beautiful! My only problem is that the Chatbox is too light, and I have a bit of trouble reading the text because of that.


i cant get jonathans good end!! i did exactly what ppl r saying n i still get out of sync :(

How to get this on a mackbook air? whenever I download the file it says it cant open since the developer can't be verified.


i have a mac cpu and for some reason it wont let me play.... how do i open up the app?? help?? bc i wanna play this so bad!!!!!!!!! QwQ

same i have tried for a while  and can't get it to work

The PC version also doesn't work for me :c

I love this game! It got some nice routes. I wish there was an option for a Jolyne route! Either way i enjoyed every route.


is there a good ending for jonathan's route?? i've gotten "END: out of sync" every time i've tried his route and i'm h*rny on main for teacher jonathan plEASE i just wanna get the good ending for him if there is one

there is! it took a few hours (and i made an account just to let you know), but in my quest to 100% the game, i FINALLY got jonathans good end. its called 'ENDING: I'm Hot For Teacher', but its obviously way more pure than it sounds. 

HOW DO U DO IT !!!!!!!!

unlike routes like kiras, im not sure if theres one choice that makes it happen? but if it helps, the only choice i made different from my out of sync route and the good one was that i told him about the interaction with dio :)

i told him abt the situation w dio at the football game if that's what ur talking abt and i still got out of sync >:


Ummm not sure if you finally got it but I could tell you how I got the ending...! For me it wasn't any trouble.


What I did was choose all of the "polite" dialogue choices, sat in the front of the class, stayed after class to talk to Jonathan, then stay during lunch. Then, I chose not to hit snooze so that I could get to class early and talk to Jonathan again (Tell him that you came to report back on the mission). When he talks about how boring he is, tell him that there's nothing wrong with being boring, and then when you get to the beach and sit down with him to read a book, tell him you're smiling because you're happy. At the football game, tell him the truth, and then later on, tell him you came because you wanted to spend time with him. That should be it! :D


can't help u here chief but i just wanna let u know i think ur username is elite


thank u icon 💅

Do you still need help?


I bloody love this game so much!


That was so awesomeeee!! Can we have more with other characters? Like Kakyoin and Dio (Those 2 are so ♥ ♥ ♥ ).


Is there Old Joeseph

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I simped josuke the entire time, the kissing face at the end scared the shit out of me tho.  honestly the art was good and this is great for anyone who wants to just fuck around and get some good joestar romance in their life.    bruh Dios suit tho ... ??? crusty

How do you get Josuke to kiss you? I'm guessing you hafta break in and fix his grade but I can't figure out how to do that :/

the fact that i even played this just confirms that i am, indeed, JJBR trash. 10/10 would try to date Jotaro (and fail without knowing what i did wrong on my 1st try) again lol


I really would love to play this game but the app won't open, i hope that anyone could explain why this is. :( 

You need to extract the files from the zip to play.

I did extract them, i even got the app to play them and it didn't even open. ;_; [ sad ora noises]

What do you mean by "app?" I think you only need an app like winrar or 7zip to unpack it? Try first of all things to right click "JoestarStruck.exe" in the folder and select "Run as administrator."


Oh!, i did unpack the files and tried to run it as an administrator. I got a folder named joestar struck and i tried to run the joestarstruck.exe thing,but every time i tried it didn't open or work.. 

wait-... how do you extract the files???? I need help on that

Right click the .zip folder in ur downloads tab and click Extract


Please, I beg you, add more content about Dio!! I need this


I've been trying  to download the game but it downloads as a zip file and I can't get into the game please help

A zip file is basically the file or files your need, all in one package. It makes distribution easier. To unpack it, you need a special program, like 7Zip or Winrar. Both are free, though I recommend you use Winrar. It is waaaaay better and doesn't corrupt your files as much. (Don't worry about "having to pay a licence," no one does that, it's a meme at this point.)

what if you have a mac cpu??


Hi, I can't seem to get the game to load. Says its missing a SDL2.dll file. Any help?

Check if you have the latest update for windows/mac/linux. Unless you have a really old version, like Windows 7, it should work. Try to uninstall and install it again. If it still doesn't work, here you have a guide on how to solve the issue regarding the missing file. It's pretty straight forward: either it teaches you how to download the file or how to repair the game. Hope it helps!


Hi! I really like your game and i wonder, will there be any updates or the game is finished? Because this is the only jojo romantic novel i have found.

ps : if anyone knows any other jojo romantic novels can you please tell me?

ps2: sorry for my bad English bc it's not my first language

weeeee fratm


Hello!! Myself and my friend have been playing Joestar Stuck and we love it but we are having trouble getting some of the art and I dont know what we are missing! Do you have a guide at all or can you offer any help! We love this game so much and would love to finish it all!

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