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The final game is now live! Check it out here: Joestar ☆ Struck

Welcome to Gyuuniku Academy! As the story often goes, you're the new kid on the block and are nervous for your first day. Luckily a handsome young man is quick to befriend you...could it be more than friendship, though? (spoiler of course it is).

This is a demo of Josuke's route. The first game will feature Jonathan, Joseph, Jotaro, and Josuke as date-able characters and will be released in 2018!

Experience all of your favorite otome tropes, but with a Joestar twist!

Development log


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I've only just found out about this game. What an amazing project. I am a bit cash-poor at the moment but have made a small contribution. Hoping to contribute more when the full game comes out - please take your time. We will wait patiently for the game :) thank you all so much for sharing your love for JoJo's to us fans!

the game was great just hope there was a longer version ^^

Omg! It is the cutest thing ever. Full version is in work? This is awesome.


lol don't mean to sound desperate (even though I am) but is the full version still in the works? I can't wait for it to be out, thanks for the awesome demo so far!


Expect some news in the very near future!

Ooh boy I haven't been this excited since Christmas! Looking forward to it


I'm already in love with this demo, Josuke is best boi. Can't wait for the full version!


I already love this a bunch! I hope it gets finished eventually. I wish I could help with the process, I do draw, I dunno what kind of stuff you'd need, but thanks so much for the work you put in so far!~

Paced kinda fast for me but still gureato daze! Can't wait for more! (please i need more)

Looking foward for the full version :D

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I hope this project isn't dead and is still in development...


when are the other routes coming out??? this game is so good!


Beyond awesome <3 <3 <3


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The art is great, from the character to the backgrounds.
About the gameplay, I know it is a demo but I think it is fair to drop this just in case, it goes kinda too fast, and perhaps it could have some more options, like when it comes to the part where you automatically say you will stay and help Josuke out to clean the mess, that could easily be an option.
Also, it may be good to have a little bit more differentiated the actions from the thoughts.

Overall I am frigging loving this project, it feels amazing, "warm and fuzzy" as someone else already said in the comments.
I donated both to download the demo as well as I am a Patreon, so you go guys! 100% support from me! 

Love you for doing something this cool <3

Ahh this made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, can't wait for the full version! Great job so far! ♥


I'm so excited to see the rest! Good luck!

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I hope we get villains routes

Diavolo best husbado uwu


Can't wait for the other routes! My only criticism is some of the story lines are just a black screen with text, it might be more interesting if at least some scenery was there. But this is just a demo. Otherwise it's fun, sweet, and a little bit cheesy. <3 Kudos to the developers!


YO I made an account just to say this because the Daddy Jojo love is strong. Please add older Joseph, not just young Joseph. DADDYJOJOYO.


I also made an account just to say, I AGREE WITH ARIABLARG. 

Adding Old Joseph  would be nice.  <3


i feel blessed.


I love absolutely everything about this game! I'm waiting for full version ^^


amazing! its both cute and funny! amazing job, guys! def waiting for full veriosn!


Super cute, super silly. I laughed a lot! Nice work, guys.

i downloaded a computer emulated in my phone just to play this afgxaycgdfgv! This is absolute art! MMMMMMM keep up the good work

teach me, please! ;;; I really want to play it but I don't have a computer:'c